The Actor

Colton Grey is Hollywood’s resident bad boy. A connoisseur of alcohol, pills, and women, he has been sent by his publicist to dry out on her cousin’s farm. What he finds there is more than a chance at redemption.

Haven Morrow is everything Colton is not—responsible, down-to-earth, and saddled with problems she didn’t create. With a mentally ill mother and sociopathic brother, Haven spends her days trying to save the family farm.

What starts out as a last-ditch effort to create the perfect comeback for Hollywood’s golden boy turns into a chance at redemption for two people unaccustomed to love and its mysteries. Do they have the courage to become who they are meant to be?


Looking back at her, seeing her lost in her thoughts, he had the sudden urge to do anything to make her happy, which was why he agreed to the worst idea she had proposed since he had arrived at her place weeks ago.

“Okay,” he called back.

“Okay what?” she asked, forgetting what she’d suggested.

“Okay. We can jump our horses.”

She smiled.

“Just let me say a few prayers first. Then dismount. Get a running start. After that, I will jump whatever horse you ask me to.”

“Always the comedian,” she said.

“My critics would disagree with you,” he called back, thrilled that he had been able to amuse her. Just this once.


ISBN-10: 1509214070

ISBN-13: 978-1509214075